Monday, February 17, 2014

BECKY COE NELSON--Featured Artist

Becky Coe Nelson is another of the Taylor Artist Guild members who was able to travel to SEDONA and who will have artwork in the SEDONA: A Visual Exploration of a Westbound Adventure exhibit coming up on February 20th at Atelier95 in downtown Taylor, Texas.

Becky Coe Nelson, Sketching.  Photo by Paula Engelhardt.
Here are a few words from Becky about the experience:

The Sedona retreat was something I had been looking forward to with anticipation of great things, and it met and exceeded my expectations.

Those of us who have "day jobs" get onto our little beaten paths, and often into a rut that is uninspiring at best. I spent much of my childhood outdoors, exploring, enjoying the connection I felt with the wild creatures and nature. The more I learned about the fascinating hidden world of the insects, snakes, and endless variety of living things, the more I realized that the reasons to fear them are few. 

Becky's new friend, a walking stick
 There was a peaceful river just a short walk from the cabin where we were staying. I would wake up before the sun was up, walk down the hill and sit on the footbridge, just to watch the sunrise and listen to the water flowing. The air was so clean and fresh. There were many places to explore, each view rivaling another in its beauty. As I relaxed and took it all in, I felt reconnected with the child explorer that I was long ago, what I am and have always been, the artist I was born to be.

Woodcarving by Becky Coe Nelson
 For more information about Becky, please visit the Taylor Artist Guild website.

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