Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pin Up show - Thursday, April 17 - May 4, 2014 in downtown Taylor, Texas

Pin Up
An Exploration of Work Created With and Drawn on Paper

Miguel Verastique, a member of the Taylor Artist Guild, came up with The Challenge--

Make a piece of art (any kind) out of one piece of re-purposed photographic backdrop paper donated by local Taylor, Texas photographer Ace Tobak. 

Each artist was given a piece of paper measuring at least 6 x 3' and up to 9 x 30'.

The only rule is that the artist had to use ALL the paper that was given to them.

Some suggestions made by Miguel were to cut the paper into smaller pieces, make one large image, use the paper for paper-maché, turn it into a backdrop for original photos, etc. Things could aso be added to the paper if the artist wanted to.

Here's what John Bielss, one member of the Guild is making from his paper.  He took the "Pin Up" theme literally and turned his paper into a 3-D piece of art.  Can you say "B-52 Bomber?"

Work in progress by John Bielss

Possible ideas for the finished artwork

Stay tuned for more photos from the show to see what the artists created! And check out Miguel's beautiful large koi painting  he created on his paper (on the show poster).

And here are photos of Lindy Looney's artwork, on a 4 x 6' sheet of paper:

Linda Looney, Taylor, TX artist works on her PIN UP art

Thursday night, April 17, at Atelier 95 at 311 N. Main in Taylor, Texas. 
Reception From 5 pm to 9 pm.  Show up until May 4th.

To contact the Guild, e-mail:

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